Energy Data Visualisations for GB

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It is not difficult to find data about energy in Britain. There are copious quantities of detailed energy data available. Making sense of it all is rather more challenging. As with most big data sets, visualisation techniques provide a potentially interesting means of developing an intuitive understanding of key trends.

These pages represent the outputs of an evolving experiment to visualise GB electricity generation and use data in near real time. Data is collected daily, and then processed every 24hours to provide updated graphics.

A significant amount of processing effort is required to produce each graphic. The underyling code is written in Python, with a heavy reliance on matplotlib for the graphical output. Some of the visualisations rely on routines developed my me and my team for research purposes.

Please keep in mind that this is an experiment. The visualisations are provided in good faith, but may contain minor errors (largely due to glitches in the data that are difficult to remove).

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